Our company has worked with JDC Systems and Jose Cruz for nearly 20 years as our exclusive IT consultant. Jose started with our company when we were using an old McDonald Douglas computer network system programmed in the Pick programming environment. Jose was one of the few IT consultants who could manage and program our software and systems. 

In 2004, Jose convinced us to switch to Quickbooks Enterprise Solution. We spent about 6 to 9 months preparing for the January 1, 2004 switch over. By the end of January 2004 we were completely up and running with a new server in place and fully functional in Quickbooks. 

Around the same time we switched to Quickbooks, Jose developed a custom program for us to use for quoting our inventory of second hand machinery. This program, Inview, allowed for quickly quoting customers and enabled our sales staff to type and send their own quotations. 

With the implementation of our quoting system, Jose developed a Website for us that integrated our inventory in QuickBooks and Inview with our website. Jose also established an Ebay store for us along with a program that would automatically upload new machinery to ebay and remove those that were sold. 

After using Quickbooks for nearly 13 years, this past January 2017 Jose setup a single environment that combined accounting, inventory management, CRM, Ebay and our website. It has completely streamlined the way we run our business. 

Throughout all these projects, Jose has always been in charge of managing our servers, workstations, software, and automatic backups. No matter how busy he is, if our server or website goes down, Jose always make it a priority to get us up and running as quickly as possible. Jose also makes good preventive maintenance suggestions which leads us to replace hardware prior to catastrophic failure to help limit downtime. 

Jose and JDC Systems has been an integral part to the growth and success of our company which has been in business since 1912. Jose is our IT guy and also part of our family. Wherever we go, Jose follows.

- John Greenberg Co-President

National Equipment Corporation